The Influence of Single-Parent Families on Children

The Influence of Single-Parent Families on Children

It should be noted that according to different surveys, and studies, there are a great number of children who grow up in single-parent families. It may affect their lives in numerous ways and eventually result in educational, psychological, and social consequences. Nowadays divorce rates are constantly increasing, but most couples make the decision to break up without being aware of its impact on their kids.

Here is some information on this issue:

Educational Consequences

In case of divorce, educational and financial effects that influence the life of a child are usually interdependent. If one of the parents is left alone, he or she becomes fully responsible for making money. If they fail to earn a sufficient sum of money, they may be unable to afford an appropriate level of education for their kids. On the other hand, if they manage to get a good position with a high salary, they are likely to spend more time at work. As a result, children do not receive as much attention as they need, which can negatively affect their performance at school. This double-edged problem shows that the support of the other parent, who does not live with a child, is of utmost importance. Communication with both parents as well as their financial help is necessary for children in general and can influence their academic achievements in particular.

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Psychological Effects

Apart from facing financial and educational consequences, children in single-parent families are likely to suffer from depression. In some kids this problem can be quite subtle, whereas others may display it through aggression towards their relatives and friends. Moreover, the lack of love experienced by a child in a family can result in the feeling of guilt. The failure of parents to take care of their children when they are small leads to really serious problems in future. As teenagers, these children may suffer from self-depreciations and stress. When they grow up, they may be unable to build their own families due to the fact that in the childhood they did not have an example of happy and successful relationships.

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Social Results

Family is a social institution that is supposed to teach children how to get involved in relationships with other members of the society. Adults who grew up in single-parent families may fail to come into contact with other people just because they do not know how to communicate with them. As a result, they will become successful neither in their professional nor personal life. It makes them unable to realize their potential and generally feel contented about their life.

The main advice to all single parents is to devote some time to their children regardless of their busy working schedules and everyday problems. Being there for your kid is the best thing you can do to ensure that he/she will be a self-sufficient and successful person in future.