How to Answer Awkward Questions from Your Family

How to Answer Awkward Questions from Your Family

When you come home from college and meet your family, be ready to hear a number of questions on personal topics. Sometimes these questions can get really awkward. You can’t avoid them, but you can learn to find good answers. The answers that will satisfy your relatives, but won’t reveal too much of your personal life. These answers need to be polite and they can be humorous, if you want to. The main thing is that they should not cause quarrels. Read on to learn how to come up with great answers to awkward questions.

1. Are You Dating Anyone?

Why they ask this question is actually understandable. Your family members love you and want you to be happy. They don’t want you to feel lonely. They think that you’re a great person and deserve to be in a relationship. So don’t let this question embarrass you. If you’re single or don’t want to discuss your new boyfriend or girlfriend, there are a couple of answers you can give.

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Answer #1: “Currently, I’m trying to focus on the studies and on finding a good job. I just don’t have time for building a healthy relationship.” It’s a good argumentative point that will persuade your relatives that you take your studies very seriously.

Answer #2: “At the moment, I’m seeing several people and still trying to decide whom to choose.” Remember to give a proper tone to this answer so that everyone will be able to understand it is a joke.

2. When Will You Start a Family?

In case marriage and kids are not in your closest plans, you need to be ready to answer this question politely and definitively. Remember that they ask this because they love you and look forward to organizing your wedding.

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Answer #1: “Right now, it’s not time for me to take the responsibility of creating a family. I’m just not ready yet.” What you might get as a response to that is the lecture about your good qualities and abilities to fulfill your responsibilities.

Answer #2: “Do you want me to start a family? But shouldn’t I grow up myself first?” This answer can be shocking, but it will certainly satisfy your relatives for some time.

3. What Do You Plan to Do After Graduation?

If you still don’t know what you’re planning to do after graduation, it’s okay. But your family members shouldn’t know that if you don’t want them to know. In case you need a piece of advice, go ahead and ask them. They might have the experience to teach you something.

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Answer #1: “I plan to… (tell the truth).” Pretty satisfying.

Answer #2: “There are a few options, which I am considering. I want to go to a Buddhist Monastery in Tibet, become a fisherman in Alaska or join a team of pirates somewhere in Africa. Could you recommend what to choose?” Make them laugh.

Be ready to answer awkward questions and use your sense of humor – it always helps!