Diabetes Essay Sample

Diabetes Essay Sample

The reasons which cause diabetes (or diabetes mellitus) are various. The problem which diabetics face is hyperglycemia (high blood sugar), which is caused either by the lack of insulin production because of the body cells which failed to produce the insulin or its low production. Nearly 350 million people live with diabetes. According to the World Health Organization diabetes will become the top seventh reason for death worldwide by 2030. The main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. The main forms of diabetes considering their consequences and causes are discussed in this paper.

Type 1 Diabetes

A compromised immune system is the reason why insulin isn’t produced by the body cells.The prevention and cause of type 1 diabetes are unknown; however, certain genetic factors are considered to be a consequence.

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Type 2 Diabetes

An ineffective use of the insulin which is produced by the body or the low production of insulin is indicated as type 2 diabetes. This is the most common type of diabetes; 90% of diabetics have precisely type 2 diabetes. What concerns the cure and cause of 2 diabetes, they are still uncertain; however, watching blood sugar level is a preventable cause of the disease, manner of living and genetic factors play a significant role in its causes.

Gestational Diabetes

When a high blood sugar level develops in a pregnant woman who hasn’t been diagnosed diabetes before is indicted for gestational diabetes. Having gestational diabetes during the first pregnancy, there is a nearly two-thirds probability that diabetes will appear in the next pregnancies. Moreover, some patients may later develop type 2 diabetes. An obligatory treatment will be required if diabetes 1 or 2 occur, it might occur after pregnancy.

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It has been already proved that genetic factors are the main etiological ones for diabetes. A patient with a genetic predisposition to IDDM tends to have weakened antiviral immunity being highly vulnerable to cytotoxic damage to the B cells by chemical agents and viruses.