Same-Sex Marriage: Cons vs. Pros

Same-Sex Marriage: Cons vs. Pros

Gay marriage or same-sex marriage involves the union of a woman or a man of the same gender. Same-sex marriage is considered to be a political, social and religious issue, the recognition of which has had a very controversial attitude in different countries.

Reasons For the Same-Sex Marriages

Proponents of legal same-sex marriage believe that homosexual couples should have equal access to the benefits the different-sex couples have, for instance, financial and social rights or access to medical information of a partner. Without a marriage license, gay couples are deprived of the rights associated with marriage that are not endowed to the already recognized gay civil unions.

Moreover, the legalization of gay marriages would reduce the level of teenager’s suicide, which is committed because of so-called “abnormal” sexual orientation, different to the traditional acceptance of relationships that have to be established between a man and a woman. There is a necessity to explain the younger generation that is not a mental disorder, but the way of demonstration of personal freedom. So far, the church is one of the bitterest opponents of gay marriage legalizing. It interprets homosexuals as sinners. However, this religious perspective doesn’t prove any negative effect that gay marriages might bring to the society. On the contrary, the same-sex marriages would help to decrease the divorce rate, reduce numerous disputes concerning social acceptance, and increase the rates of children adoption.

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Reasons Against the Same-Sex Marriages

People, who are opposed to homosexual marriages, say that they contradict the nature of the marriage between a man and a woman aimed at the procreation and upbringing of children and the wellbeing of spouses. Sex relationships between two men or two women violate the objective norms of morality and disobey the principles and beliefs of the church concerning the way the Christians should live. Moreover, such a marriage can’t create a family union, as by its nature it is sterile and biologically impossible. At the same time, the right to adopt children by a homosexual family would deprive a kid of either a mother or a father role model, which has an unfavorable effect in further development of a child as an individual.

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The legalization of the same-sex marriages would mean that they are socially justified, as well as would promote the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle as moral. A homosexual marriage is not only a socially-oriented issue, but also a biblical one: “From the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female. For this very cause a man shall leave his father and mother; and shall cleave to his wife.” (Mark 10:6-7) These words let the people understand that gay activism is a breeding ground for moral revolution rather than civil rights or sexual liberation movement.


In comparison to last years, the same-sex marriage has become a more common phenomenon and legally allowed in many civilized countries, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Finland, the USA, and other states. It has been a vital topic throughout the years, defining the advantages and disadvantages of such an ambiguous notion. Nevertheless, we live in the free world and have the right to decide on our own which side to stick to. Be conscious of your future!