Men and Women Should not be Equal or Treated the Same

Men and Women Should not be Equal or Treated the Same

There have been many debates and discussions concerning the issue of gender equality. While some people say that males and females have to be absolutely equal, others claim that they cannot be treated the same due to a number of factors. This issue is reflected differently in different cultures, as well. For example, in the Western and European countries, men and women have equal rights provided by the law. In the meantime, in the Arab countries, males are believed to have a dominant role over females. These differences are caused by a number of social, cultural, religious and historical reasons.

While there are so many people today who want both genders to be treated completely equally, let us see if that is possible. For example, has anyone seen a woman competing with a man at the Olympic Games? No, because it would not be right. After all, males and females are not created the same, and there are multiple reasons to believe in that.

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Women are different from men physiologically and psychologically; therefore, they cannot perform all the jobs men can do. On the physical side, males are stronger, their muscles are tougher, and their skin is thicker. On the psychological side, men are believed to use the left side of their brains more often, which means that they can only solve one issue at a time. These differences mean that males are more naturally prepared to have such jobs as a driver, a pilot, a builder or other professions that require physical endurance and strength.

Besides, there are certain fields of human activity, where it is mostly impossible to give women a leading role. For instance, these fields include police, jurisdiction, and politics. Being a good policeman is more difficult for a woman, because females tend to be more sensitive and weaker than males. They need protection and understanding; therefore, few women can serve in the police. Transport service, military service and politics are also considered to be more suitable for men than women due to their typical gender characteristics.

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To sum up the abovementioned facts, it is worth noting that males and females cannot be treated equally in the society. Both males and females need to have the right to get education and work, but their function in the society should remain different due to their natural physical and psychological dissimilarities. Men should be given a dominant role in a number of professions, because they are physically stronger and more able to concentrate on a single task and take assertive decisions. In the meantime, it is more difficult for women to take leading positions and perform the jobs that are better suitable for men due to their weaker body construction and certain psychological characteristics. Most women need someone to support them, and men should be this someone. Men should protect women and let them rely on them.