How to Memorize Information Easily

How to Memorize Information Easily

Every person has been in the situation when he/she forgot something important. Scientists still do not know exactly what makes our brain forget the necessary things. However, they have discovered many principles of the way our memory works. Based on these principles, many memorizing techniques have been developed.


When you actually understand what you have read/learned, you greatly help your brain to memorize the material. If there are any unknown words, highlight them and then return to the sentences that you did not understand. Ask your professor to clarify everything that is not clear to you until you get the point.

Previous Knowledge

All the information, which you receive, is connected to the knowledge that you have already acquired. Your brain compares the facts, searches the common features, creates associative connections, etc. Use this principle to easily memorize the details related to the issues, which you already know. So, according to this principle, in order to memorize better, you have to memorize more.

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All the information, which you receive, can be divided into several groups by its meaningfulness. The one, which is very important for life, goes to the first group and stays in our minds without efforts. The second group consists of interesting and subjectively important information, which is also quite easy to remember. The third groups includes everything else, consisting of a huge number of facts, so it is the most complicated to remember. If you face difficulties with remembering information from the third group, you should make yourself interested in it, and thus make it important for yourself, moving it from the third group to the second one.

Memory Brakes

There are two processes, which brake memorizing: proactive and retroactive breaks. The first one is when the information remembered earlier prevents memorizing the next piece. The second one is when the further information prevents memorizing of the previous piece. However, there are several tips that will help you cheat your brain: try memorizing at evenings or mornings, avoid learning the same types of the pieces of information one by one (historical dates, math), make breaks while learning, avoid performing complicated tasks one by one, instead, provide your brain with some time for processing the information.

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Temporal Layer

The brain keeps all the information in the form of layers. This means that facts memorized at certain time will be interconnected. So if you need to recollect something, think of other things, which you were doing that day or time.


Extraordinary and bright things are the ones, which we remember the easiest. To memorize easier, try to add something vivid to the material. For example, imagine the text written on a balloon or something like that.


It is known that to remember the information you have to be maximally focused on it. Remove all the distractions, like noise, rush, irritation, thoughts, etc.


When you are performing certain actions with information, you memorize it better. Try comparing the parameters, calculating something, finding the regularity, etc.

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These are just some of the multiple techniques of memorizing information. Try each of them to find out which works best for you.