Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Understanding Non-Verbal Communication

Sometimes you just know that a person saying “No” means right the opposite. Or that a confident man right there in front of you has shaking hands. If you are able to see such differences, you know what body language is and know how to differentiate words and non-verbal communication. Body language includes gestures, expressions, movements that indicate the inner state as well as actual feelings or thoughts of people.

Body Language Meaning

If you are aware of the signs of non-verbal communication, you get a chance to understand people better, know what they really mean, and easily learn to read people.
When you see anyone for the first time, you can understand if he or she is confident or anxious. How does this happen? Well, you simply notice the body language. Eye contact, shuffling, averting eyes, handshake or their stature, all these details indicate if the person is confident or not, and you can see this very well. It is worth noting that there are specific non-vernal signs of confidence. Thus, if you are really nervous and want to make an impression of a firm person, keep your shoulders back to make the posture straight, keep your eye contact. and smile. Your gestures should be deliberate, avoid speaking fast and on high tones, be slow and low, this will give the understanding that you are OK.

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We all have encountered very difficult meetings at work or during studying, when two parties are not able to understand each other and find a consensus. This happens because one of the meeting members is defensive, instead of being open. You can define such a position due to some non verbal communication tips. For instance, they keep their arms close to their body or don’t gesture at all, minimal expressions, crossed arms in front, and no eye contact. In general, such a person tries to turn away from you.
There are typical signals showing that the audience you are trying to deliver something is not interested. People are doodling, looking outside or elsewhere, or sitting relaxingly with their heads down. These are the typical signs of disengagement.

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When people are lying, they avoid eye contact and the movements of their eyes are rapid. They keep their hands in front of their mouth when talking to you, and their gestures are unnatural. Their skin changes in color, sometimes their parts of body turn red, they sweat and have a faster breath rate, their voice may also change.

When you are interviewed, take your time to think over the question, it is a good manner. If you want people to see that you are reflecting on your answer, make sure that you have a hand near your cheek or finger on your chin and your eyes look away and then return to answer.

We should remember that these are only general tips on verbal communication and we should all consider various individual as well as cultural issues when trying to read someone’s body language.