Several Effective Tips how to Be Thrifty in College

Several Effective Tips how to Be Thrifty in College

It is widely known that many students are broke at the end of the month. Actually, I am not eager to be a penniless student and I know a few useful suggestions that will undoubtedly help to economize. Frankly speaking, I am going to save money and avoid being a reckless spendthrift. In order to put my plan into action, I have conducted a research. In this article, I’ve summarized the main points that can help you not to end up being broke.

  • “Save money!” – a phrase that almost everyone tells you every day. However, I know you don’t want to listen. The majority of students in college don’t consider money issue to be an important one. They simply spend their money on fast food without thinking much. Saving money is one of the most significant financial goals for me since one day I will have to leave college. I would like to have some savings before this period of my life because I want to be prepared for an adult life. In addition, it would be good to have some money for travelling.
  • Create your own budget. Yes, college is perhaps the first time when you need a budget. In my opinion, budgeting is the most necessary habit and everyone should stick to it. I’ve never wanted to be in such condition when I would like to have something but was worrying about it because I can’t afford to purchase it. My choice is to take my finances under control and never regret about spending too much money.
  • Spend as little money as possible. Since you will live in a small dorm room, try not to buy too much stuff. This will save not only money but also space. Personally for me, experiences are absolutely essential. Instead of buying a new pair of jeans, I would go roller skating together with my best friends. Sure, you might have totally different priorities. Everything depends on what you value the most. Nevertheless, I prefer experience to material stuff.
  • Students in college think only about what is the most convenient. They would sooner go to a restaurant and buy fast food for dinner. Of course, it is easier to go to caf? and eat a snack there instead of home-cooked meal. Many students would agree that it even tastes better. Actually, you should think about consequences and cook your own homemade food.
  • Although it is believed that college students don’t need credit cards, I don’t think so. I plan to get one in order to build credit. After college graduation, I would like to buy my own apartment as well as a car. Building credit will help me to gain independence. Bear in mind that you should pay your credit card bill regularly so that you don’t have any debts. Buy only that stuff that is affordable.
  • It’s so important not to take for granted your possessions and possibilities. Remember, there are homeless people who don’t have even food to eat. If you can help people who have hard times, do this. You have so much to be grateful for, therefore don’t forget to donate. I’m sure, you will feel much happier and satisfied. Testimonials

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