Qualities that Make a Great Leader

Qualities that Make a Great Leader

How you ever wondered what leadership itself is? How to define this notion? Thinking deeply, you will definitely come to an answer: it is an expression of the inner strength of a person. A leader is the one who knows how to lead and a person who takes responsibility for himself and other people.

Someone is a commander in a fight where he needs to defend his rights with his fists. Someone is a specialist in education, in a profession. Someone can be the undisputed head of the household in the family, where everyone listens to him.

There are many definitions of leadership. All these definitions give us some characteristics of a strong ruler. They give us a certain idea of what a true leader should be.

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In one form or another, your essay that describes good leadership should include characteristics of an effective leader in a way that matches your dissertation topic. Since you will be asked to describe a powerful ruler, we would like to recommend an expository essay structure for your writing. Here are five steps you should follow to write an excellent one about leadership qualities:

    • Step 1: Prewriting and Outlining
    • In this initial stage, you should brainstorm for the right topic for your essay. You should also think about the main ideas you will discuss in your essay. Then you should do the research, make notes, and draft an outline.

    • Step 2: The Preparation of an Initial Draft
    • Here you will need to do several things. You should write a clear introduction sentence for your essay. It is also important for you to come up with a strong thesis that will guide your body paragraphs. Each paragraph of the body should also have one main question, as well as supporting evidence. The conclusion should not contain new information. It should only emphasize your thesis.

    • Step 3: Revising and Editing
    • At this stage, you will be able to view your content, making sure there is no mistake in the wording and grammar. Ask your friend to read your essay so that to edit it later.

 Stage 4: The Preparation of the Final Draft

    By including all of these changes, you will be ready to write the final version of your essay.

Writing an expository essay is a useful skill that every student should have. We hope this simple guide will help you describe leadership qualities and write a successful leadership essay.