Freelance Writing Jobs: How to Find Your First

Freelance Writing Jobs: How to Find Your First

Working as a freelance writer and making money online are very good things. There are a number of reasons for this. First, the number of barriers is considered to be very low. Second, opportunities are numerous. Third, you can make a lot of money out of it. Forth, if writing is “your thing,” you can develop it into a life-long career. But to use these advantages, you have to know where and how you should look for this kind of job.

Don’t Fear to Start Small

Of course, some experienced freelance writers can make over $100 per hour. But while you’re not experienced yet, you shouldn’t expect such a high income. It’s okay if you get $20 per hour in the beginning. Be courageous and hope for the best only. In a matter of months, you can start getting several times more. If you work properly and take your responsibilities seriously, you will have a steady income, regular workload, and prospective clients who will come to you (and you won’t have to look for them).

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Gain Experience

While you’re beginning to write, don’t forget to bulk out your portfolio and build your network. Meanwhile, increase the exposure to your blog and practice, practice, practice.

Avoid Content Farms

I mean such services as Elance, Text Broker and oDesk. It’s better if you find a way to work on more rewarding projects, which you’ll be pleased to add into your portfolio. Find the work where you’ll be appreciated and where you’ll develop your connections and skills.

Browse Freelance Writing Job Listings

There are a few principles to consider here. Look for the companies and sites that:

  • Interest you;
  • Are reputable;
  • Offer permanent or semi-permanent writing jobs (so, you don’t have to look for a new work constantly);
  • Offer reasonable pay (not incentive-based);
  • Have worked with writers before.

Remember That the Opportunities Are Plentiful

Some people say that they can’t find good freelance writing options online. If you can’t find them too, know a simple truth – you’re looking in a wrong way. There are multiple opportunities, actually. What you have to do is to find as many job sources as possible and take as many opportunities as you can. Apply early and check your sources regularly to catch all the new offers.

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Write a Good Application

It has to be brief, get immediately to the point and be packed with all the relevant information. Include the examples of your work into it (if you don’t have any, write a few samples). Besides, you should describe your work experience and tell a bit about yourself and about what you can offer them.

When you get a job, all you need to do is to work. Be responsible, develop your skills and improve your writing. This is a simple recipe to becoming a good freelance writer.