Writing an Excellent Cause and Effect Essay

Writing an Excellent Cause and Effect Essay

Tips for Writing a Good Cause and Effect Writing

Cause and effect essay is one of the multiple types of writing assignments teachers give their students as homework. It has some differences from other types of essays, thus, if you’ve never written one, it is possible that you may encounter some problems. To help you ace this task, we’ve assembled a short tutorial on how to write a cause and effect essay.

When you receive a task to create a cause and effect essay, you must understand the main distinction of such kind of writing: describe some event or fact and provide a logical parallel to its consequences.

An outline of cause and effect essay is not similar to outlines of other essays. Usually, it has around 3 body paragraphs and no strict structure as it depends on the topic you are going to explore. However, one thing all types of essays have in common is a good introduction that will make the reader look through the whole thing to the end.

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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Introduction

First and foremost, you must write a thesis statement in the introduction. In a sentence or two you are supposed to point out the main focus of the text, whether you are writing about cause, effect, or both. Next, make a short overview of the subject you chose. Once you’ve accomplished that, go on to writing a transition part.

Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Transition Paragraph

Making the whole text look like a single piece isn’t always an easy task, especially for this type of task. To achieve this, you must create logistical bridges between ideas using transition words and phrases. You can even make an entire transition paragraph. Make up or search for some sort of transition words that will help you and use them as needed. Here are some examples:

  • Because of
  • Since
  • Due to
  • If… then
  • In the end
  • Thus

There are plenty of similar words and structures in English language, use them to avoid repetitions.

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As soon as you have laid out all the topics you intended to cover, you need to write a solid conclusion.

Writing a Cause and Effect Essay Conclusion

This type of essay needs a restated thesis statement in the conclusion. Gather all the information you gave throughout the whole text and concentrate it in a summary. Also, it would be a good idea to make some forecasts for the future, either professional or your own. As cause and effect essays are often written with a problematic topic in mind, one of the purposes they serve is to make the reader think about the problem after reading an essay. To achieve this, try ending your writing with an interesting fact or a rhetorical question which will leave an impression on your audience.

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This is our advice on writing a good cause and effect essay. Pick a topic that is interesting to you, do a research, and don’t be afraid to experiment. After all, maybe your essay will be the one that will make someone question their views on the life itself.

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