Tips on how to Compose Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

Tips on how to Compose Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

Instructions on how to Write Argumentative Essay on School Uniform

As it is known, a powerful argumentative essay presents air-tight evidence to back up the author's argument to persuade readers in his/her viewpoint. The argumentative essay, on the grounds of valid arguments, aims to prompt people to reconsider a certainly debatable matter.

Topic Up-to-Dateness

Composing an argumentative essay to discuss the necessity of school uniforms, the author should come up with a persuasive argument to advocate his/her position. As a rule, a teacher tells students what stance to take. If it was not set, it is up to you what side to choose. To write an effective argumentative essay, you need to carry out extensive research on the topic and choose only significant information concerning school uniforms. To convince the audience, your essay should be systematic and written in a colorful language. The argumentative topic should be debatable to produce powerful arguments from both sides.

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Starting an Essay about School Uniform

In the introduction, the writer needs to state who is concerned and what the concern is. The author must also give background information about the topic argument. For instance: the discussions about school uniform are interminable, even though wearing school uniform is in vogue; students and their parents do not approve of the school uniform policy as it prevents students from showcasing their individuality.

Body Paragraphs for an Essay on School Uniform

The body in an argumentative essay is comprised of three parts. Traditionally, the first paragraph puts forward the claim and a potent argument to back up the author's viewpoint. The first paragraph gives an explanation why school uniforms deprive students of self-expression. Teenagers got used to displaying their inner world through their looks. School uniforms abuse student's right for self-expression and this may spur them to defy dubious school regulations.

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The second paragraph provides evidence about the argument and detailed explanation. For example, when being against a school uniform, you may say that wearing it is expensive as parents need to buy different sets of uniform. Moreover, for extended families, it will cost a fortune as school uniforms are bought every year.

When writing the argumentative essay, it is advisable to present counterarguments. For example, one of the advantages of school uniforms is that students can be easily identified, which facilitates security in case of emergencies. But school uniforms cannot eradicate crime and bullying, as criminals are aware of other ways of interaction with children, such as disguising themselves as students by virtue of uniform clothes worn at school.

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Conclusion of an Essay on a School Uniform

When writing a conclusion, the author needs to restate the most significant points of the argument.  Additionally, to persuade the audience, the author must mention some consequences of siding with the author. In this part, you need to convince the readership by using attractive language and readable statements when closing the argument.

Final Revision

After finishing your essay, do not hurry to hand it in! Instead, revise it thoroughly. You need to proofread your paper and correct all errors you may chance upon. Also, remember that your essay must have a logical structure, detailed explanations, and be comprehensible to the audience.