How to Create an Original Case Study

How to Create an Original Case Study

A unique case study is a type of qualitative expressive and original research conducted to look into specific features of a selected group of subjects, individuals, or things. The data for a case study can be collected via direct observations of the participants, tests, questionnaires, protocols, interviews, etc. When creating a case study, one should start by explaining what a case study is. Then the researcher should write a short history on case studies. Next, there is a need to describe the methods and applications that include a brief report on data collection and analysis. It is often challenging to create case studies because the process includes tedious tasks, such as data collection. In addition, it is significant to choose an interesting topic not to lose motivation in the process of writing.

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Types of Case Studies

There are different types of case studies, depending on the purpose of writing, for example, corporate proof or academic research, etc. Before you start working on your case study, it is important to decide which type will represent the findings in the best light. Researchers define four types of case studies:

  • Critical study (investigates definite objects with cause and outcome effects);
  • Exploratory case study;
  • Cumulative study (compares collective data);
  • Illustrative (provides a descriptive report about certain events).

Now you can decide on the type of case study that will be most suitable for the needs of your audience.

Case Study Research

You may decide to conduct a research on individuals, companies, countries, programs, practices, etc. Despite the variety of methods you may want to employ, you should remember that the primary purpose of your writing is to analyze the situation thoroughly. After you have chosen a case study topic, it is necessary to think about a case site, a place to carry out the research. It may be your campus library or authoritative Internet resources.

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Harvard Case Studies

If you are looking for the best examples for your future case study, consider searching for Harvard case studies. You will definitely find extensive researches on various issues in the Harvard library. There are case studies in different areas, including Entrepreneurship, Finance, Business and Government Relations, Human Resource Management, Social Enterprise and Organizational Behavior, Information Technology and others.

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