How to Write a Powerful Conclusion

How to Write a Powerful Conclusion

The conclusion is an indispensable part of any paper. This is where you summarize everything you presented in your paper. If you want to have a powerful essay, you also need to write a powerful conclusion, which will reinforce the main point of your writing. You must have already written an introduction paragraph and thus, you can just paraphrase it and turn it into your conclusion.  Here are the things you should pay careful attention to:

In a way, your conclusion will be mostly based on your introduction. For instance, if your introductory part sounds like, "In my opinion, there are only three worthwhile films in 2018: Roma, Zama, You Were Never Here and Black Panther." Then, your conclusion should contain the sentence like, "The three movies that are worth seeing in 2018 are Roma, Zama, You Were Never Here and Black Panther".

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If your paper is pretty lengthy, then reusing your statements will not suffice. You will need to review each section or paragraph and sum it up in your conclusion. For example, if you are writing about cats, the odds are high that your paper will mostly center on different kinds of pets. Thus, it makes sense to enumerate them in your conclusion, “Cats, dogs, and parrots are different kinds of pets but they all have their advantages".

It is always a good idea to end your paper with something thought-provoking. You can also call upon your readers to research the topic on their own. For instance, "The great majority of people are not aware of how big corporations dominate the food markets." You can also encourage people to take some appropriate actions, "You can still change the situation. Just opt for the nearest pet nursery and buy the perfect little furball!”

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To sum it up, the purpose of your conclusion is to end your paper by providing the very gist of your writing. By doing this, you will fill your readers with the sense of fulfillment and pleasure when they are through with reading your paper.

Paragraph Definition

  • The final message of your writing
  • The gist of your body section
  • The proof that you achieved the goal you set in your introductory part
  • The demonstration that you supported your thesis
  • The closure of the paper’s subject

The Structure of Conclusion

The reflection of your introductory part.

In the case of introduction, a general opening line gets more specific as the reader reads the introductory part of your paper. In conclusion, however, you move from the specific to the general.

Concluding Paragraph Functions

It finalizes your paper and ensures that all the questions are clearly answered.

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In your concluding part, you also need to paraphrase your thesis statement.

It is a demonstration that you have coped with the task you set for yourself.

Try to avoid substituting the words from your thesis statement for synonyms since it can be viewed as an instance of redundancy, which is a mistake.

The gist of your thesis statement should be presented in a new light.

The conclusion should contain something that would set readers thinking about your writing.

The supporting sentences should not contain any new information or ideas. You just need to recycle what you have already said in your body section.

In your concluding part, you should summarize each paragraph idea, which you presented in your body section.

You also need to set forth all your main points as concisely as possible. Nothing should be left out.

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The final sentence of your concluding part should fill your reader with the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

The final sentence should create the impression that you covered everything concerning a certain topic.

Underscore the significance of what you were dwelling on.

Provide your reader with an absolutely fresh perspective on the topic.

You readers should be left in a good mood after reading your paper.

Accordingly, writing a conclusion paragraph is not that hard as it may seem at first. With all the presented rules and tips in mind, you are certain to write a powerful essay that will leave your reader satisfied and will prompt reflections.