Essay on Environment

Essay on Environment

The natural world that surrounds us is called environment. Our primary task is to keep it clean in order to ensure proper conditions of living. Nonetheless, the population of Earth will face the music one day due to the pollution, which has become one of the grave threats nowadays. The destruction of the living environment endangers our existence that is why the only foreseeable future could be either green or none.

The advancements in science and modern technologies are indisputable and no one dares to question their magnitude. Despite the advantages they bring, the drawbacks are also obvious. With the development of technologies, human beings adversely affect the environment, and these effects will become even greater with time. The main tasks of our generation are to exhaustively examine the devastating nature of our activities and to make our planet a healthier place to live. People should have some principles behind their choices in order to reduce the environmental footprint and prevent the environmental catastrophes.

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The problem of the first magnitude is the pollution of water and air. Water pollution starts when plants, mills, and factories discharge the industrial wastes and chemical substances directly into the water-related ecosystems. Furthermore, pesticides and fertilizers from the agriculture sphere contaminate water bodies, and this leads to eco-disasters. With the aim to protect biodiversity, many and sundry approaches to waste-disposal activities have been offered, yet some countries are not rich enough to introduce the latest technologies. Air pollution is another burden. The dire consequences human beings face in the present-day conditions is the destruction of the ozone layer and as a result the greenhouse effect. What is more, it is hardly possible to find a way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the near future.

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Our life on the planet Earth is not possible without air, water, sunlight, clean soil, and other living creatures. Environmental pollution affects not merely our lives physically, emotionally, socially, or in any other possible way, but the life on the planet itself. This widespread ordeal cannot be handled by the efforts of one single person, a group of enthusiasts, or even one nation. It is high time the human beings remembered Earth is the home for all of us and put in a great deal of effort.


The restriction on the use of fossil fuels is justified due to the fact that we should stop challenging our natural habitat and resources, and do our best to save them for our descendants. Saving energy, using rechargeable batteries, sorting garbage, recycling, and throwing the wastes to the special places are small steps that everyone can take to contribute to the clean environment. Furthermore, not all natural resources are renewable and not all of them can be substituted, so we should care about searching alternative energy sources. Wind generators have become a major source of electrical power generation already producing several percent of the world’s total electricity.

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The advancement of modern technologies has a negative impact on the ecological state of our home. The devastating results of the human activity demand for immediate actions to save the planet for future generations. Everyone can contribute to the clean environment so start here and now!