How to Derive the Most Usefulness out of Essay Phrases

How to Derive the Most Usefulness out of Essay Phrases

Knowledge of the core principles and rules of writing successful academic papers are important for all students. Despite the fact that it??™s the essay topic, personal writing style and skills, academic tone, and the mastery of academic language that are the prerequisites of success, the basic essay-writing rules and essay phrases also play their key role. To develop a successful paper, students should adhere to the principles of clarity and logical consistency.

Still, even if students are well aware of the basic principles of writing, they sometimes cannot provide a thoroughly thought-out piece of writing. What will help them to overcome this issue are the essay phrases that are aimed to ensure proper logical connection and transitions between the ideas.

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When to Use Essay Phrases

As you might have probably understood, transitions are used to ensure there is a logical connection between sentences and paragraphs. Therefore, their main purpose serves in organizing a mess of sentences into a coherent and logical text. However, the thing is not only to learn how and where to use these phrases but how to implement them into the text correctly. Below you will find some cases that pinpoint when you need to use transitions:

  • When starting a new section/ paragraph, argument: evidently, obviously, to begin with, correspondingly, accordingly, as a result, in this way;
  • When you need to introduce a new idea and develop it further: similarly, besides, indeed, likewise, furthermore, in addition, additionally, similarly, the same way;
  • To add some illustrations and examples into your paper: especially, namely, in particular, particularly, for example, for instance, a typical example of [...] is [...], most importantly, mainly;
  • To express contrast between the things you are discussing/ analyzing: on the other hand, on the contrary, alternatively, however, but, in comparison, despite;
  • To sum up the ideas: overall, to sum up, in final consideration, overall.

Terrific Essay Phrases You Can Use in the Paper

If the information provided above still does not suffice for you to help how to professionally write a paper, have a look at the following tips provided by our expert and professional writers working at

  • There persists an ongoing debate about ...
  • [The scholar's / researcher's name] defined the basic concepts/ notions of [...]
  • According to [scholar's/ researcher's name],. [...];
  • Before considering [...], it is necessary/ crucial/ vital/ important/ significant to [...];
  • As the arguments highlight/ suggest/ pinpoint, [...];
  • It is also reasonable/ significant/ worthy to take into consideration/ take into account/ consider that [...];
  • As it can be seen/ as it is evident/ as it is obvious from the analysis/ discussion, [...];
  • Despite the criticism the theory has undergone, [...];
  • It can be concluded that [...].

Overall, to make sure that you use the phrases correctly, pay special attention to their meaning and specifics of using. When choosing between a short phrase and a longer one, give preference to the briefer one.