Completing the Last Paragraphs of a Narrative Paper

Completing the Last Paragraphs of a Narrative Paper

When writing a narrative paper, you are supposed to present a brief story. It is aimed at telling others about your experience of a crucial and unforgettable event. The way you finalize it should make it clear what your message is. It should highlight the most significant information you wanted to deliver to the audience. The ending may be encouraging or moralizing on the lesson that you have gone through. However, you should not mention anything that was already presented previously. So, how to make the conclusion and advice, which you want to share, inspirational and clear?

Realize the Aims of the Concluding Paragraph

You may achieve a number of goals with this last section. Make it clear which of the aspects of the story you have been writing about you would like to concentrate on. The concluding paragraph is the right place to bring in supporting ideas and to summarize the issue. You may apply your creative approach and formulate it in a form of a question to push a reader to afterthought. Additionally, touch on the consequences of what happened and how it influenced your further life. To impress an audience and make the picture real, describe everything in vivid details. On the other hand, you may also, appeal to a reader and persuade him/her to make a decision and change something.

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Writing a Narrative Essay Conclusion

When getting to the concluding part of an essay, read the rest of the paper again. Make sure you have followed the strain of logic and everything is presented in the proper order. Recall the exact place and time of the event to make a precise visual picture. It would be great to make use of some ideas that are related to your topic. Tell how you perceived it and what lesson you learned from it. Give some information on the way you felt and how you finally went through it. Do not forget to make a transition from the body paragraph to the concluding one.

Other Vital Details to Pay Attention to

The concluding paragraph should be powerful and impactful. Therefore, come up with an idea of what can be impressive enough for your potential audience. For instance, present some moral to a story. Write it keeping in your mind that a person should come away with something valuable after reading your text. There are many ways to make it sound special. Tell how significant it is for you. After your own example, you may call for action.

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Concluding paragraphs are essential in a narrative essay. Do your best to guide a reader in the direction that will let him/her understand your message. Be honest and put your heart into writing, revealing your own experience that might be so valuable to other people!