Narrative Essay Sample: First Travel Abroad

Narrative Essay Sample: First Travel Abroad

It has been a long time since our family took me for my first trip abroad. However, I can clearly remember it, as that country was, is, and will be the most admirable entertaining place. Even though a lot of memories have been forgotten and will never return, the most bright moments of that time will never disappear. My first trip abroad, my first fight and my first time with the pyramids – my first visit to Egypt.

Unfortunately, the trip was not ideal from the very beginning. Actually, it was really the worst first traveling experience for the entire history of humanity. It was a perfectly wrong chain of unpleasant situations that had almost no chances to happen. Nothing went terribly wrong, but in that specific situation, the things could not be worse.

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Everything began at the airport when our flight was first unexpectedly delayed and then suddenly cancelled because of the weather conditions. In the modern world, even with the advent of new technologies, the aircraft is still a vulnerable and fragile means of transportation, so this could have happened with everybody. Moreover, if such weather deterioration caught us by surprise in the air, perhaps, you would not be reading this narrative essay right now. The conclusion of that day was sad – neither airport, nor travel agency could not help us depart at that day.

After the exciting (actually sleepless) night in the airport building, we finally managed to get on board and depart to the country of my dreams. The positive side was that the flight went smoothly, nothing miserable happened with us in the air. The negative side, though, was that all the issues waited for our landing.

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Our room reservation was cancelled without any reasons. Even though the hotel manager gave us millions of excuses, he wanted to neither return us money, nor provide us with the spare room. Therefore, the next five hours in the hall were simply amusing (actually unbelievably boring). After the room was finally ready, it was too late for any excursion that day, so I patiently waited for the next morning to head to the most tremendous architectural monument in the world – The Great Pyramids.

As it turned out, I had to wait a little bit more than a night – due to the sand storm that had happened a few hours before the sunrise, it was impossible to exit our hotel and the entire group was more than frustrated. The next and actually the last day of that trip had to be rich for the events, so after a fruitful day in the hotel room (actually TV all day), the last night in Egypt was a bit unsettling.

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Finally, the storm calmed down and we started to gather for the ride to the Pyramids. The morning was suspiciously calm, without any incidents and I really began to worry. Luckily (actually no), everything fell right into place, when we heard the heavy rain outside the hotel. This was the breaking point, when we finally became desperately disappointed, so with the warm words towards the weather, we packed our stuff and headed home.