The Problem of Gun Control

The Problem of Gun Control

The number of accidents involving the use of firearms has sharply increased in the United States in recent years. Thousands of innocent people were victims of the massacre. Seventeen schoolchildren were killed as a result of the shooting of the school. Many residents of the country are seriously puzzled by what is happening and require a fierce control of weapons.

Is Weapon Control Effective?

Each state has its own laws that establish a framework for arms control, some of which are inadequate in the opinion of citizens. However, it is worth analyzing whether the tightening of measures can change the situation drastically.

Many citizens keep weapons at home today. Some families even have a few guns. However, it does not mean that all these people are potential maniacs and murderers. The main purpose of wearing a weapon is to protect someone’s life. It can be concluded that not the gun itself is a problem, but the fact in whose hands it is. Representatives of criminal groups will be able to obtain a pistol in illegal ways, so the restrictions will not stop them, but, on the contrary, it will facilitate the illegal sale of weapons. A person with bad intentions, anyway, will find a way to commit a crime. For example, an item, such as a kitchen knife, or any sharp or heavy thing can act as an instrument for killing or maiming.

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On the other hand, gun control can change the situation. Activists demand an increase of the age allowing using a gun. Very often, the psyche of children and adolescents is unstable and vulnerable. Bad school grades, problems with parents, the influence of terrorist organizations can push a young person to manifest aggression most cruelly when an adult is able to analyze his or her behavior and actions.

Aggression Breeds Death

It can be concluded that although control of weapons cannot change the situation dramatically, nevertheless it can affect some segments of the population and change the consciousness of many people. The main thing here is responsibility. A person can store a gun in a safe and never use it because he or she knows that this thing is only for safety. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct lectures on how important it is to realize the danger of using weapons from the earliest childhood. Unfortunately, people need to be protected from many things in this world, and in some cases, the gun is the only way to save a life; however, everyone must take it very seriously.

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In addition, it is necessary to fight even the slightest manifestations of aggression, for example, through psychological counseling and training. Undetected psychological trauma received in childhood can turn a person into a monster. Therefore, moral support is a very effective means of combating cruelty. Consultations should be conducted not only in educational institutions but at enterprises too. Control your anger and learn how to understand each other. Enjoy your life and look for positive emotions.