Descriptive Essay: My Favorite Teacher

Descriptive Essay: My Favorite Teacher

A teacher is a particularly important person in the life of every individual. He/she should provide a little child not only with necessary knowledge but also with the information that will be useful for the perception of the surrounding world. I can remember many teachers from my school years, and I believe that all of them have made a significant contribution to my development. However, most of all, I am thankful to my history teacher, Mr. Smith, who became the example of the dedicated man who loved his work and all the people surrounding him. His enthusiasm and approach to work inspired me to face all the challenges with dignity. The secret of his successful work was that he loved his subject with all his heart. Thus, Mr. Smith managed to transform every lesson into a fascinating journey into the past. None of us could call his lessons boring since our teacher used sophisticated methods and interesting devices to make each lesson special and unforgettable.

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  • Now, I am smiling each time when I remember how Mr. Smith was excited telling us about the events that happened in the past. He was a rather tall man with black curly hair. His shoes were always clean and shining, which characterized him as a very neat person. He treated all of us as his own children. Mr. Smith was never angry at us no matter how we behaved. All of us respected and loved him. On the history lessons, we participated in discussions overcoming our fears. Mr. Smith encouraged us to talk and express our opinions. He also encouraged us not to copy the information from the textbooks, but to develop our ideas even if they were not correct. I firmly believe that Mr. Smith used this approach to develop our personalities, which would be particularly useful for our future life and career. Mr. Smith understood his important role in our lives, so he tried to give usall his knowledge so that we could find it easier to assimilate into the surrounding world.

    My history teacher was the man that I have to thank for many important lessons in my life. Mr. Smith taught us how it was essential to listen to the inner voice and follow the dreams. He liked to talk about our plans for future, cherished dreams and aspirations. He was a well-balanced man who empathized that every individual has to find his/her vocation and reach the inner harmony. Our history teacher managed to transform his subject into something tangible and exciting.

  • It should be mentioned that I knew many people who adored their subject, but only our history teacher helped us to love his subject the way he did. The history is the incredible field of events and interesting facts that serve as the precious experience for humanity. All of us should remember the history lessons to be able not to commit the similar mistakes. All in all, Mr. Smith takes a special place in my life since he shaped my worldview allowing me to believe in my inner strength.