Connection Between Language And Thinking

Connection Between Language And Thinking

The main purpose of language is to ensure the communication among people. We cannot imagine our life without communication because it contributes to the growth of the human civilization. On the contrary, there is a question whether we need a language to communicate with others and formulate our thoughts? Let’s discover it further in the article.

Human Thinking before the Emergence of Spoken Language

Cavemen did not speak a language, so how did they manage to think? What was going on in their minds?
There is also a popular story about a boy who lived among wolves. He did not know a language too. So, how did he process the events? Was his thinking process different from normal?

In fact, thinking is about considering concepts. A living being does not need a language for that. For example, you plan to go shopping. You do not tell yourself “Today I am going shopping.” You just need to carry the idea of shopping in your mind.

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How Does Language Influence Thinking?

The complicated cognitive process that involves analytical thinking definitely requires a language to be completed successfully. This is what makes humans different from other creatures. Thus, we have an opportunity to interpret the environment using a structured language. In addition, the language helps us to interpret abstract ideas, emotions, and feelings we have every day.

How Does It Feel to Think without a Language?

There are people in our society who do not have speech abilities but they still use the opportunities given by their five senses. As a result, they form their unique vision of the world using the senses.
Music can also be named a form of expression that does not involve a language. After reconsideration, music has a beat and tempo that turn it in a special form of thinking.

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Language and Ambiguity

Most of the spoken languages are vague. This creates ambiguity. As a result, people who try to express the same idea often fail to understand the meaning of each other’s words. Furthermore, ambiguity in language may lead to erroneous thinking that is the main reason why our expectations of life differ from the reality.
Now you are aware of the relationship between language and thinking. Improve your language skills every day and you will definitely be able to develop your thinking process.