Top 7 Signs of You Have a Bad Relationship with Your Roommate

Top 7 Signs of You Have a Bad Relationship with Your Roommate

Unfortunately, the realm of the campus life can’t always offer your good roommates and you may fall into the situations when everything seems to fall apart. But how can you know when the situation gets really bad? Here are the top 7 signs that you have a bad relationship with your roommate:

  • You're happy when your roommate leaves the room. It’s not that you shouldn’t enjoy some time alone and have some privacy, but if you’re always waiting until your roommate leaves the room, chances are you have a problem.
  • If it’s not necessary, you don’t speak to each other. To tell the truth, you avoid speaking at all. Sometimes roommates decide that ceasing to speak with each other is the best solution. Although it will work for some time, it’s a very unsustainable strategy in the long run. A necessity in communication won’t cease to exist, but you have no desire to speak to each other, you’ll start communicating in different, non-productive ways that will make your relationships even worse.
  • You argue too much. Conflicts are difficult to avoid when you live with a person that you barely know in conditions where you experience constant stress under the influence of different factors (relationships, studies, finances, midterms etc.). Just like friends, who can argue but still remain friends, you can also behave in such a way with your roommate. But if all you do is arguing, it means that something really wrong about your relationships.
  • Other people know that you don’t get along well. If you’re constantly having issues with your roommate and other people start to notice this, until the point when everyone knows that you don’t get along well with your roommate, it may be a sign that it’s time to think about switching roommates or facing your joint problems and frustrations.
  • You hope that your roommate will move out soon. In a problematic situation, the healthiest solution is to sit down and discuss everything thoroughly with your emotions turned off. If all you dream about is your roommate moving out for any reason, it means that things have already gotten worse than you thought.
  • You don’t try to fix the situation or resolve the conflict. Things may go in an undesired direction and difficult situations may arise. The question is: are you trying to solve them or you’re just leaving it the way it is? If you’re ignoring your arguments, you’re only making the situation worse.
  • There’s no respect in your relationships. When two people live together, they should respect each other’s time, things, space and relationships. If there is no respect in these areas, your relationships are dead-wrong.

In case you notice these seven signs in your relationships with your roommate, it means that it’s time to face and discuss your problems or think about changing your roommate. Anyway, do something about it until it’s too late. Testimonials

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